Software Experts provides customization of its office management application suite or commercial ERP systems. Software Experts application suite is built on an architecture that allows easy customization at the look and feel, custom data and or integration with client’s enterprise systems. Contact our professional services group for assistance and examples of how a custom interface can promote a consistent user experience and strengthen your company's collaborative environment.


Our products can be co-branded to provide a customized logon screen, application pages, and email notifications that give your company a strong collaborative identity. We can assist your company in developing a logon screen that reflects your company's identity through a corporate logo, graphics, hyperlinks, and descriptive text.


Our products can be customized to reflect the unique terminology of your company and industry. Data fields and their labels can be tailored to your needs. Additional fields and functionality can be added that will enhance the functionality to suite your specific needs. Menus and the commands can be defined to match your company standards.


We can collaborate with your company to develop a custom interface that combines branding, custom fields, and custom interface. We are using a flexible architecture that allows our product to take on a custom look and feel that will reflect your corporate identity. This capability allows our product to be presented solely with your corporate logo and presented as your company's own enterprise application. Customization can incorporate: